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Co Chairmans chat 22 October

Hello. Its been a busy few days for me this is a round up of last Saturday, Sunday and Yesterdays Night League Event 1. In 2004-2008 my first o club was South Midlands based around North Bucks, after getting involved with them I quickly got roped into helping at events which was fine as I […]

Co Chairmans Chat 15 October

Hello, Been away- Hope everyone enjoyed the very windy Dorset Delight– looks to have been another great team work day with some good results. Thanks Julie for writing the day up – I still havent seen any pics did anyone get any? I was also watching the second event of the season in the New […]

Co Chairmans Chat 01 October

Its the start of the Orienteering season of old, it used to be that from now on in the bracken died down enough that forests were again available to compete in. These days of course we have as many Urbans as every other type of event, so the calendar is full as ever all year. […]

Co Chairmans Chat 24 September

Well theres a knowing smile from Julie for the start of this weeks post, and very happy to add her report on the London City Race. Bit of an Urban focus this week which is good because if you havent set up the Night League dates in the diary this year its time to get […]

Co Chairmans Chat 17 September

G’day! I have been writing these weekly Blogs for a year! – If youre keen to start taking them on, and like writing why not have a go, if you can do about 2 hours photo editing and writing a week come on let us know- especially if youre one of our younger members. Ok. […]
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