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Co Chairmans Chat 17 September

G’day! I have been writing these weekly Blogs for a year! – If youre keen to start taking them on, and like writing why not have a go, if you can do about 2 hours photo editing and writing a week come on let us know- especially if youre one of our younger members. Ok. […]

Co Chairmans Chat 10 September

Summer Series is over! and boy was it close. Saturday WIM held the excellent Wimborne urban which was part of the Activate Moors Valley series and the last of our summer events. An Urban hour score event- hereafter to be known as ‘Hour of Power’ for all the upcoming WSX Night League events. There were […]

Co-Chairmans Chat 03 September

Hello bit of a quiet week to report this week, the Devon Club held an event down at Haldon where the Houlders went to, Tim coming a respectable 11th from 21. Other than that Im not aware of other events members may have travelled to. So its September again and the start of what always […]

Co Chairmans Chat 20 August

Hello children thanks for looking through the square window again. Its back to regular season running for me now with preparation for Night League main aim. If you didnt see it and still on holidays check out this great Scottish 6 days blog from the WIM website. Congratulations to all the WIM runners and especially […]

Co Chairmans Chat 13 August

Were back! from Scottish 6 days, was the 6th time I have been to this bi- annual International competition, always love going to Scotland to my roots as well so get there most years at least once. WSX had a fairly small crew go up this year, notably the whole Brooke Family whos children are […]
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