Parks (Permanent Orienteering Courses)

Permanent Courses are provided by the orienteering community as a recreational resource for the general public, as a means for people to try out orienteering before joining a club and also as a training resource for orienteering clubs themselves. Permanent courses are established in many parts of the country, usually in parks but also in less technical forests. They can be used at any time by anybody. The number of permanent courses in the Poole-Bournemouth area is growing steadily with time. They provide a progression of experience. The park-based ones are less technical and suit those new to orienteering. They can then progress to the forest-based courses which are more realistic.

Here’s a short video explaining what POCs are.

Select the course you are interested in from the current list of permanent courses below, or from the overview map. Click on the course name to get full details and downloads.

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Park based courses:

Forest based courses:

  • Moors Valley Country Park, Between Verwood and St Ives
  • Studland – This is a delightful beach area with grass covered dunes and sandy pathways leading out from the National Trust car park at Knoll Beach.
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