Co Chairmans Chat 01 October

Posted on Tue, 1st October 2019 by Jason Falconer
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Its the start of the Orienteering season of old, it used to be that from now on in the bracken died down enough that forests were again available to compete in. These days of course we have as many Urbans as every other type of event, so the calendar is full as ever all year. However the SWOA Caddihoe Chase is whats seen as start of the season proper when the going gets tough the tough get going- for all winter sports competitors. So we had the 2 day event near Burrator first time since 2011 when I wild camped there on the hill.

Day one was around Down Tor, Combehead and Sheeps Tor- if you love the Dartmoor youll know the sort of place. Results showed a good effort by all– Julie especially good with a 2nd! great navigating there.  Jolyon on the same course as me with  3rd as compared to my 7th,  I also chatted to the legend that is Clive Hallet whos M60 and took 20 minutes of my time on the same course! Amazing. Anyway here is the strava picture that you might compare to the Routegadget .




Julie has done a much better write up of the whole weekend so over to her for a couple of weeks while I go to Italy on the train. Hope the Dorset Delight goes smoothly its an event to be proud of.

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