Wessex Region Night League

The Wessex Region Night League is organised as an annual league over the winter months, with events contributed by clubs in the SWOA region. All of the events are open for entry by anyone, with the majority organised in a 60 minute score format – although there is always something unique.

  • Latest Post Event comments after WNL12 – Basingstoke (BADO):

    Julie Astin reports: Being an inherently slow, and now ageing, orienteer I have never started a Night League event with the hope, or intention, of getting all the controls. I have to make a choice about which controls to leave out. A sensible approach would be to take some time at the start and look carefully at the map, find where the highest point controls are and the general distribution of all the controls and plan a route. But such an approach is one that I've rarely, if ever, achieved - I just rush off too hastily, having taken a cursory glance at the map. Last night was no exception! And of course, inevitably, the end result was that I failed miserably to get a decent number of points. In fact, it was probably one of my worst events, tactically. Looking over my map this morning I couldn't make any sense of the routes I took and have come to the conclusion that I was simply brain-dead!

    In spite of this, I can appreciate what a well-planned event it was, on a mixture of complex urban and parks, which had everyone having to think on their feet about how best to access the controls. Apparently, Mike Frizzell, the planner, had intentionally put in clusters of controls which, at first glance, made it look easy to get from one to the other. But un-crossable walls, dead-ends etc. made this not the case. For my taste (being a poor runner) there were a few too many dead runs up cul-de-sacs, and as a result I failed to get any 30 pointers, for example. But, it was undeniably my poor planning that was the main cause of my downfall - finishing 46th out of 50. Not my finest hour! But the convivial chatter afterwards over a pint and a plate of fine food, soon dispersed my misery.

    Thanks to BADO for putting on a great event. I'll try and do better next year......

     Gavin Clegg comments:

    Things are getting exciting in the Leagues with more competitors now completing the “7 races to count”. It could well turn out in the Open that two or three achieve the maximum 3500 points. Positions will then go to countback. With all the leaders in the Open having completed 7 or more events, improvements to their total score is getting harder to come by. Dan leads by 17 points from Alan but Dan’s lowest score is 487 to Alans 482. Peter is only 10 points behind Alan with a low score of 478. The three leading ladies are locked together in 8th, 9th and 10th. Whilst Becca has a 66 point lead over Jo, Becca’s lowest score is 421 to Jo’s 370.

    In the Handicap Robin Smith has jumped up to 2nd, and first male, with Julie Astin in 3rd. The podium places are still all to play for with Carolyn Dent, now up to 11th having only 5 scores, as do Gavin and Chris Branford. Mary Nixon in 12th could also be a danger.


    The last 8 races starting from 1st February take place over 33 days, so expect some rapid changes. There are 3 people who have been to all 12 races and two others on 11 races. 156 people have taken part so far. This is 4 more than for the whole of last season. Please put Monday March 5th in your diary, for as well as being the last race, there will be a buffet and the prize giving. Prizes will go to the first three in all four categories. Male Open, Female Open, Male Handicap and Female Handicap.

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Handicap W Handicap M Non-Handicap W Non-Handicap M
2016/2017 Charlotte Thornton Gavin Clegg Annie Pickering Gavin Clegg Final Report, Handicap League Table, Open League Table
2015/2016 Charlotte Thornton Gavin Clegg Annie Crookshank Andy Snell Final ReportLeague TableNon-Handicap League Table
2014/2015 Charlotte Thornton Chris Branford N/A Dale Paget Final Report, League TableNon-Handicap League Table
2013/2014 Jane Morgan Chris Branford N/A Dale Paget League TableNon-Handicap League Table
2012/2013 Charlotte Thornton Gavin Clegg N/A N/A League Table
2011/2012 Charlotte Thornton Gavin Clegg N/A N/A League Table


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