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What has changed with BSF8 Controls recently

You may not notice this happening but the control boxes that you use constantly are frequently updated by re-programming their associated software (Firmware FW)  This is what has changed since the Caddiehoe Chase usage. The batteries eventually discharge on these units although they last for up to 5 to 8 years in practice. We regularly check […]

Wessex Region Night League

WSX Member, Peter Suba, tops the league after an excellent 2nd place at the Romsey event last Thursday.

As the winter rolls in

With warnings of severe weather all day, sleet and snow expected, not many people made it to Romsey. Myself have been driving back from work in London and this was almost on the route, so I have planned my commute to attend. After really difficult driving conditions on the M3 with heavy snow actually falling, […]

Faulty Controls Organisers please note!

At the moment 14th January 2016 there are 2 control units off being repaired/replaced. These are  119 and 128 getting new batteries.  Control 40 which was stolen at Boscombe has been replaced today. Alan H.

2017 GCSE P.E Assessments- Orienteering.

              A great pleasure to be surprised by colleagues at Winton and Glenmoor that although Orienteering has now left the Secondary Curriculum, 2015-16 students would still be allowed to choose this for part of their assessment in 16-17 academic year. As a reminder its 10% of the whole qualification, […]
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