What has changed with BSF8 Controls recently

Posted on Sun, 15th January 2017 by Alan Hooper
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You may not notice this happening but the control boxes that you use constantly are frequently updated by re-programming their associated software (Firmware FW)  This is what has changed since the Caddiehoe Chase usage.

The batteries eventually discharge on these units although they last for up to 5 to 8 years in practice. We regularly check the battery state of every unit in order to anticipate failures. This file here  gives the results of the latest check.

SPORTident BSx7/8 firmware 656 release notes
October, 2016
SPORTident GmbH • www.sportident.com • [email protected] • Arnstadt • Germany 3
Changes in the firmware 656 since version 649
Firmware version 656 introduces performance and stability improvements and fixes
known issues. No new features have been added since firmware 649.
Optimized power consumption, enhanced battery consumption counter accuracy
Improved SIAC battery test display message:
o Station will show “WARN” (warning) for voltages ≤ 2,71 Volts
o Station will show “FAIL” (failure) for voltages ≤ 2,44 Volts
Field detection improved for waking up the station from sleep mode
Fixed issues
Fixed SIAC readout in legacy protocol mode

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