Co Chairmans Chat 28th May

Posted on Tue, 28th May 2019 by Jason Falconer
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Hi, Local event and part 3 of the Wessex Summer League series was at Westwoods Netley, first time this area was used was in Night League last season, you might remember when the snow cancelled this it was re -run on 21st Jan.     Night league used this and the Urban area next to it in Netley for a dark score event that 36 ran in. Saturday just gone in the hot sun got even more with 40 doing the hour odds and evens score, and several families out for the fun explore took it up to 55. I happily took a second, as my kids would say, 1st the worst 2nd the best. Only 40 seconds off the win that was a well sequenced run with both of us transitioning at the furthest distance away in around 25 minutes then making our way back. Quality thanks SOC, a really good mix of everything on an O map, plenty dark green, along with white, tracks and kept me thinking all the way around. You can see my run below- join Strava and the Wessex group its a cool way of comparing routes with Fly- bys.


Over to the Springtime in Shropshire Events, a 3 Day event attended by the best in the U.K, a superb area its been a long while since I went there so slightly jealous of our runners who made it up to these great wild country areas. Weekend kicked off with an Urban Saturday in Shrewsbury which is now common for all our weekends- Urbans now just as much a part of the scene. We had several club members travel up for the Bank Holiday weekend to enjoy the area and of course some good results. Saturday then a tough Urban with 5 runners taking part.  Sunday was Brown Clee, a huge convex hill that typifies the area, on the Welsh borders this is also the Midland Championships. Looks like a wild area with difficult conditions, a few dnfs and it may also have been hot up there too. Suffice to say Lyra got the Win again running up an age class in a very close race, top effort there.  Esk also took a second 🙂 3 other runners completed too. Monday on the Wrekin, (such a cool placename)  7 competitors there and once again Lyra gets the first running up an age class, I imagine that qualifies her for a medal win in the Midlands Champs but not yet published so watch this space for that. Hope you all enjoyed Shropshire look forward to hearing about it first hand. Update- lots of WSX medal winners on the list above! well done Club WSX

Thanks to Ali , Shelia and the Sayers for coming to the Grand opening of Slades Park new Pavilion yesterday to help me. We gave about 25 maps out and intros to folk wanting to go out and Orienteer. Was very cool to be approached by several children with hellos, those Ive coached from Moordown St Johns school in nearby Winton, we hope to welcome some of those families into the club. Our next event there is in August for one of the Summer Series, we will have the use of the pavilion and its now manned all week so if you are in the Wallisdown are pop in and have a look. Tonight its 1KM hill reps on the heath, chance to mapshare and have a catch up so do come along. Jason





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