Co Chairmans Chat 08 January

Posted on Wed, 9th January 2019 by Jason Falconer
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2019 Yes thats 2019 if youre still writing the wrong year on things. Hope everyone had a good festering season, and are glad to be back into regular life this new year. Thanks to Julie for writing the last two weeks while I was away a couple of fresh things for you today. Last Night we had the Night League Event 11 in Lyndhurst- 10 of us participated in a field of 58– the biggest event ever on WNL. Third ever league event there based in a new pub the Waterloo but using existing map around town and Boltons Bench area. New challenger Nick Jarvis put in the fastest performance amazing direction and sequencing to complete the entire course in an amazing 46.59, beating Nick Barrable of CompasSport magazine by 2 minutes!.  You can see from his Strava that NO dead running or moments of disorientation occurred- all straight lines here! I made the error of not picking off two enclosed controls near the town before heading into the pitch black on Boltons Bench which cost me, ended up with 25 /30 controls =420 Points. Our closest finisher was Peter Suba in 4th with 50.09 Great fun and guess what? Time to do it all again Thursday in Canford heath around the corner, pop your pre-entry in now- what else are you going to do stay in watching telly? to use Agnes’ words “Dont be a weakling”.

New event- 20th January- yes thats not this weekend the one after- We have been asked to put on another Beat The Street follow up so are doing so in Upton Country Park, again using the Permanent course with S.I timing , to give new people a flavour. We go from 0945 after the kids parkrun so tell your friends- a free chance to have a local run around Upton, coffee shop is open. Please let me know if you can help on the day and keep the promotion going on Facebook or other platforms.


So its Tuesday training again and starting the year with Short Hill reps, 4,3,2,1,1,2,3,4 and if you dont know what that means come along and find out at Bournemouth Uni, Sport BU starting at 6. Super easy suitable for all with social after if you want it in the Uni bar. New Year New You? no, New Year same old me, 48 on the 31st of this month and resting heart rate of 46 – fitness starts today what are you waiting for? I have meeting in Dorchester soon about bringing more Orienteering to Weymouth people as part of the extended Beat The Street work next week, oh and the National Coaching Conference in Nottingham this weekend so lots to crack on with, you can always read up on my work over here, including some latest great news about Wallisdown road, funnily enough right next door to the Uni   Look forward to seeing you soon Jason


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