Co Chairmans Chat 18th December- Happy Christmas

Posted on Mon, 17th December 2018 by Jason Falconer
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Well Happy Xmas to all, hope youve had a great 2018. As always we keep going all winter-  Thursday last week saw 5 WSX runners in the field of 47 that attended SOC’s Night League Event 8. With Winchester this wednesday and then Brighton City race next week thats half way through the season! Some Romsey info:-

Using a 1:10,000 map first made in 2007 this event was planned to challenge the fastest runners to their limits,  Winner Rob Finch of SOC clocked 12.9 KM on his Strava within the hour, impressive running by anyones standards let alone whilst navigating the entire time!! Our Alan B claimed a quality third and my own run was a satisfying 10.8 KM, I just dont have the pace to cover that much ground so a 12th for me. Have a look at the link- Strava Flybys are very much like Routedgadget you can compare runners routes. If youre reading these times and distances thinking its out of my ability- the Handicapping system means that all runners are equally placed in their efforts, there are some fierce lady competitors in the middle aged range, who whilst wont be seen on the tops of the overall results- will be close on each other in the overall handicap league. Like all league competitions in Sport, the more events you take part in the more chance that youre best 7 will take you to top placings. So Winchester again this wednesday then at 530 thursday Im off to USA to see family there and have a break- next post will be the 08th January.

Dont miss the WIM  Boxing day Canter in Moors Valley, always a good way to burn off the mincepies and very social.

Happy Christmas break everyone I hope you have a peaceful time at home enjoying the holiday in whichever way you choose. We will be back after the break – first event is 10th January with another local event for Beat the Street in Upton Country Park 20th Sunday TBC/ The Facebook group is livening up now- so if you use that platform do keep up the shares- linking with clubs and interested groups, it all helps our sport. Thanks and see you in 2019. Jason



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