Co-Chairmans Chat 04 December

Posted on Tue, 4th December 2018 by Jason Falconer
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After probably the roughest week and weekend so far this year outdoors- two local events to report on.

Sunday a Southampton local event in Highland Water which is up near Stoney Cross on the right as you go past on the A31, yes the area is deep in forest and bog. Heres Tim Houlders run on the Blue course . We had 14 runners go over on the morning, as always looking forward to their exploration and taking the map home afterwards.  7 completed the Blue longest course, then 4 on Green and 3 on Light Green with Lyra again taking the 1st place in a field of 27 runners! such a good result for an under 14 girl. All results here, one thing that is good about EMIT timing is you can search by club and see how we all did in one click. Do have a look.

Yesterday the Wessex Night league event 7 in Holton Lee. Firstly thanks to Ali who made these festive Rice crispie cakes and fruit cakes for the runners, great sustenance they were well earned. we had 28 runners come along, for what I had expected to be a hard competition, planner Roger Crickmore didnt let us down. Unlike last time he planned here with an prime numbers event that completely lost me before I had even punched the start,  this time a straight Odds and Evens was the flavour. On these score events we are allowed to visit either set of our odds or evens controls first- then after transition complete on the other numbers. Results tell it all, not one competitor collected all 25 controls – and in fact the placings and the splits show that this was probably the most difficult of the night leagues so far this season. Fiendish planning shows not a drop of time left for everyone that took part, thanks Roger. James and Alan on 1st and 2nd above Dan means a step up for them both on the league, well done to them. Holton Lee really is a superb place for nature lovers, thats nature- lovers,  drop in and check out the updated new map sometime.

Im just bringing the Autumn Term Schools Series to a close now with the timed activities – Dorchester today in the borough Gardens for Sunninghill Prep and Queens Park next week for Linwood school to take part in their own competitions- always a great fun way to bring a series to a close. Also taught a great home schooled group yesterday on my permanent course in Slades Park. Finally  Im happy to say both St James Pokesdown and Burton have booked their January Term series so 2019 is looking to start well again for my coached sessions.

Next Night League event 8 is Thursday 13th In Romsey meeting at the Bishop Blaise pub.

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