Chairman’s Chat – 10th April 2018

Posted on Tue, 10th April 2018 by Julie Astin
Club News

The first of the Wessex Region Summer Series took place yesterday evening in Fordingbridge, courtesy of WIM. There was an amazing turnout considering the poor weather – over 80 people ! WSX members did us proud by having 4 people in the top 10 – and taking the first 3 places:

Alan Blanchflower 1st (by 47 secs); Dale Paget 2nd (by 3 secs!); James Crickmore  3rd. John Cook came 6th. Well done to you all.

I, personally, came way down the list and managed to get to the Finish with only 9 seconds to spare! I had failed to start my watch immediately, only realising my mistake after studying the map (that makes a change!) before I set off. I reckoned I had taken a minute for this, but it must have been quite a bit more, as I thought I had a good minute to spare at the end. I failed to get a tricky 40-pointer which was at the end of a long dead-end in the middle of the map and that made a real difference to my final position. But then I’d have been way over time. Only 8 people got all the controls within the time, so that shows it was a well planned course, by Kevin Pickering. A great start to the Summer (?!) series of events. Next one is in Salisbury on Saturday morning – full details on Sarum website.

Don’t forget to let WIM know if you’re going to the WIM/WSX Informal and Presentation event on April 28th. Details on WIM website.

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