Darting down to Devon

Posted on Wed, 29th March 2017 by Jolyon Medlock
Event Reports

With fantastic spring sunshine and despite it being Mothering Sunday, we were given special dispensation to head down at the last minute to Devon O’s league event at River Dart Country Park, near Ashburton. Given the long journey and clock change, Lyra and I still managed to be first out in the woods. The country park consists of one side of a steep sided wooded gorge, and consequently proved quite tough, particularly as the brambles were rampant. The blue had 260 metres of climb including 75 metres steep uphill after control 10, mostly under low hanging branches and between wood ant nests. Even the orange had a fair bit of climb (100 m). Nevertheless it was an enjoyable wood to orienteer in with the woodland floor covered in patches of wild daffodils. The courses were well planned, mostly hunting platforms from one valley to the next, before returning into the park. Lyra had a good run finishing 1st by some margin. Although I finished 10 minutes after the M18 winner, I just managed 2nd. We celebrated a pleasant morning with a bacon sandwich before hitting the road home.

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