WSX/WIM Presentation Social

Posted on Sun, 26th February 2017 by Julie Astin
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A great afternoon was had by all at Queens Park yesterday (February 25th) when 40 people from Wimborne and Wessex Clubs gathered together to have an informal Score event around the park, sit and chat, eat an array of buffet food and applaud those who had won trophies for the previous year. The occasion was also utilised by Becca Ellis from WIM for her group of beginners that she’s been coaching for the last few weeks.

The results of the Score event are here: Presentation Social Results.

Many thanks to Chris Branford who took a number of photos of the trophies and the winners and these can be viewed here.

The trophies that were awarded for Wessex were:

Sheila Beldowska Trophy  – Ladies Club Champion 2016 – Lyra Medlock

Captain’s Trophy – Mens Club Champion 2016 – John Cook

Charlie Morton Junior Trophy     Eskarina Medlock

Ian Horsey Senior Trophy       Jolyon Medlock

These last two awards are for the Junior and Senior who have shown most improvement and promise in the previous year.

Chairman’s Trophythis is an award that is given to the person who the Chairman feels has gone ‘above and beyond’ what is expected of a club member. This year, I decided to award it to two people:

Peter Suba  – for the vast amount of time and energy that he has put in to producing our new website which went live recently. I personally think that it is a fantastic website with a lot of potential for interaction and communication amongst members, as well as providing clear and useful information for newcomers and other clubs’ members.

Bill Brown – for his tireless work on surveying and mapping our competition areas. He has been the main contributor to this work for many years, and the task has become increasingly onerous as the club puts on so many more events than in the past. This past year included the Caddihoe Chase, a 2-day event, which added even more pressure than usual.

In addition to the trophy, the committee decided to give both Peter and Bill a Cotswold Outdoor voucher to the value of £150 in recognition of the work that they’ve achieved. Also, Peter’s friend, Robert Karaszi, is being given the same voucher as he put in many hours of work at the initial stages of the the website development – and he isn’t even a member! (yet)



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