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Chairman’s Chat – 30th January 2017

In spite of the horrible yesterday, a few of us went to the Concorde Chase up near Fleet, on an army area called Hawley and Hornley. We were very fortunate, though, as we managed to get our runs in during the window of dry weather. When I looked at the Provisional Results yesterday evening, I […]

Concorde Chase

A surprisingly dry run at the Concorde Chase at Hawley and Hornley today – it threw it down as we drove back home so counted ourselves very lucky. The event was in an area used for Army training and it was a bit unnerving to see a last-minute hand-written note in the Pre-Start box that […]

Venue change WNL Brownsea Island

Due to circumstances beyond our control, this year’s Night League event on March 6th, has had to be relocated to Broadstone.

Tuesday Training

Tonights frozen pea souper put the dedicated into action again. Short Hills was the session- Coming to tuesdays is part of becoming a regular runner, and the social afterwards is a great time for a catch up and review of races at the weekend. come down as winter miles mean summer smiles

When do you need to change a Control battery?

SI have produced an interesting PDF document which explains the problems of predicting when a BSF8 control battery needs to be replaced. This is a fairly important decision since  unnecessary replacement costs the club around £15 but failure to spot a dying battery infuriates competitors at our event  by causing possible voiding of a course. […]
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