Shillingstone Prize Giving

Posted on Thu, 7th April 2016 by Julie Astin
Club News
Here are some photos from the recent Prize Giving at Shillingstone.

Here are all the trophy winners from both Wimborne and Wessex clubs.


These are the Wessex Night League winners. Shillingstone Prize Giving 007 ps

From l to r: Jason Falconer (for attending all but one of the events; Andy Snell  – 1st  Overall in Non-Handicap League; Gavin Clegg – 1st Male, Handicap League; Charlotte Thornton – 1st Overall in Handicap League;  the young French girls are receiving the trophy on behalf of Annie Crookshank – 1st Female in Non-Handicap League

Shillingstone Prize Giving 010 ps

Wessex Trophy Winners: Jason Falconer on left – Ian Horsey Trophy; Julie Astin – Sheila Beldowska Trophy (Ladies Club Champion 2015) and John Cook – Captain’s Trophy (Mens Club Champion 2015)


Shillingstone Prize Giving 011 ps

Wimborne Trophy Winners, including Dale Paget (WSX) on the left with the 2015 Summer League Trophy

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